Corporate Social Investment

Our approach to social investment relies upon companies, local governments, communities and other stakeholders working closely together to build effective partnerships.

Businesses recognise that investment aimed at meeting the needs and aspirations of local communities is critical to the success of their operations. Such investment can build local capacity to take up the workforce and supply chain opportunities on offer, strengthen community resilience to cope with change brought about by business activities, ensure benefit-sharing through shared infrastructure and services, and contribute to self-sustaining and diversified host economies.

Services and Approach

In the area of social investment, CIG offers a range of services to its clients. These include:

  • Corporate strategy, policy and guidance development
  • Community strengths and needs assessments
  • Social Investment planning and design
  • Partnership development
  • Fund structuring and management models
  • Portfolio effectiveness review
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Compliance and reporting
  • Legacy planning / sustainability strategies

Our approach to social investment relies upon working closely with local governments, communities and other stakeholders to build effective partnerships – whether in reviving local economies and agricultural production, supporting small-scale enterprises, building community skills and capacity, improving health services or upgrading water and sanitation access.

CIG has developed a tool that assists companies evaluate and prioritise their social investments against business drivers. SIDAT (Social Investment Decision Analysis Tool) has been applied in numerous country contexts at both head office and site levels, and has been published and cited in peer reviewed journals. We have also published on M&E frameworks for corporate social investments in the highly ranked Journal of Business Ethics.

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