As part of the IAIA Special Symposium focused on the mining sector, CIG’s Gabriela Factor and Nora Gotzmann from the Danish Institute for Human Rights have trained 27 participants in key concepts and tools for integrating human rights into impact assessment. This fully subscribed workshop that took place in EBRD’s Headquarters in London on 3 December 2018 attempted to answer some of the following key questions faced by the mining companies and SIA practitioners:

  • How can we develop human rights compatible baseline indicators?
  • How do we include human rights considerations in the assessment of impact severity and significance?
  • How do we prioritize actions to address human rights impacts?
  • What are some of the key considerations for reporting on human rights impacts?

The next Human Rights Impact Assessment course will take place in Brisbane, Australia on 27-28 April 2019. Please register here.

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