Alexandra Maurtua Konstantinidi and Paige Kelly joined the CIG family earlier this year. They are based in Durban, South Africa and provide social and environmental performance support to our clients in the region.

Alexandra is a social and human development scientist.  In the past 13 years, she has undertaken consulting assignments in Southern Africa and South America to develop and monitor impact assessments, stakeholder engagement plans, social investment programs and human rights assessments. She specializes in livelihood restoration and involuntary resettlement plans for mining and agribusiness clients. A native Spanish speaker, Alexandra is fluent in English and Portuguese.

Alexandra who is a first-generation Argentinian, is proud of her heritage and enjoys cooking delicious meal from her Peruvian and Greek family traditions. Married to her South Africa-born husband, she is a mom to little Logan (15 months) who is a sweet outgoing little boy already understanding and speaking a few words in Spanish, Afrikaans and English.


Paige is a young environmental and social professional, holding an environmental management degree from the University of South Africa (UNISA). Her work experience includes local and regional projects in Southern Africa, taking part in socioeconomic impact assessments, stakeholder engagement, large-scale public participation, livelihood restoration plans, resettlement plans, and the management and analysis of large socioeconomic data sets. Paige is fluent in English and reading and speaking some Afrikaans.

Paige’s hobbies include competitive equestrian show jumping since a young age and spending time being active outdoors with family and friends. Born and living in Durban, Paige has been privileged to grow up on game reserves and coastline shores where her love for the outdoors, environment and communities developed.

Alexandra and Paige are passionate about biodiversity conservation and environmental education. They both volunteer at Kloof Conservancy assisting the Molweni Rivers Health Schools Program.