CIG contributed to the new IAIA Social Impact Assessment Guidance Document. The document seeks to provide advice on good practice in the undertaking and appraisal of SIAs and the adaptive management of projects to address the social issues. It addresses the application of SIA at the project level, e.g. the planned construction of new infrastructure such as airports, bridges, bypasses, dams, highways, mines, pipelines, ports, transmission corridors, windfarms, as well as commercial agriculture and agroforestry developments and the creation of nature conservation areas.

The Guidance promotes SIA as a process of management not a product. SIA is viewed as a process that can greatly assist in ensuring the achievement of benefits and the avoidance of harm. The document advised to undertake SIAs by the project whether it is legally required or not as SIA contributes to shared value by improving outcomes for local communities and the developer.Early scoping activities are recommended to help practitioners identify the relative scale of effort likely to be required.

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