Through training courses, we help major companies, governments and civil society to build effective strategies to improve their social performance. We offer a complete range of courses from introductory social impact awareness through to detailed strategies and tools to address specific performance challenges.

Our Approach

We work with our clients to define their training objectives. We undertake a learning needs analysis by looking at specific skills gaps, performance issues and regulatory compliance requirements. The identified training objectives inform the development, design, delivery and evaluation of the course.

Our pedagogical approach is centred on immersing course participants in real world cases, addressing real problems faced by participants, and facilitating practical work and reflection on practice. We emphasize interdisciplinary work and effective communication across a range of disciplines and stakeholders.

Delivery Models 

We offer off-the-shelf courses and course customised to our clients’ needs.

  • Off-the-shelf courses draw on recent academic research and industry good practice. Content can be adapted and applied to the learner to fit the organization. Our courses promote shared experience, observation and learning among participants. Courses can be delivered at client preferred venues. Some of our courses are open to the public at various forums, such as the IAIA annual conference.
  • Customised courses follow a completely tailored format to fully address our client’s requirements. All subjects/topics within the off-the-shelf courses can be customised to meet an organisation’s learning objectives. Course evaluations undertaken at conclusion of the course will help guide on-the-job application of the acquired skills and knowledge, and identify further training needs.

All our courses can be delivered in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

We offer the following courses: