Alexandra Maurtua Konstantinidi

South Africa

Alexandra is a resettlement practitioner with 12 years of experience in socioeconomic development in South America and Southern Africa. She is driven by solving the social challenges brought about by climate and social change. Alexandra has specific expertise in livelihood restoration planning and has been involved in medium to large scale mining projects in South America and Southern Africa.

Alexandra previously worked for Rio Tinto and Vale managing local community relations and driving the sustainable development agenda for a greenfield project. In more recent years she has undertaken consulting assignments in Southern Africa to develop and monitor impact assessments, stakeholder engagement, social investment, human rights assessments, livelihood restoration plans and involuntary resettlement plans.

As a resettlement practitioner, Alexandra has implemented a community-centred approach to planning with a strong emphasis on human rights. Alexandra is experienced in applying GRI indicators for the purpose of monitoring, auditing and reporting human rights and sustainability goals.

As a passionate social practitioner, Alexandra has sought to improve the development and monitoring of World Bank/IFC-compliant livelihood restoration plans. Through the International Association for Impact Assessment she has recently presented and published a new methodology and tools to quantify the loss, restore and improve livelihoods, with the aim of minimising risks and capitalising on improvement opportunities.

Currently, Alexandra is based in Durban, South Africa where she is also a volunteer at the local Kloof Conservancy assisting the Molweni River health program. She is a native Spanish speaker, fluent in English and Portuguese, and has basic French.