Jacqueline Tedaldi


+45 23411832

Jacqueline has experience in researching and developing guidance in the area of business and human rights, including human rights and impact assessment, human rights indicators and participatory approaches to stakeholder engagement.

Jacqueline is highly interested in conducting research, developing methodologies, and engaging with diverse stakeholders including the private sector in order to ensure that business respect human rights. She is passionate about raising local community voices and perspectives at the project-level of business activities, particularly vulnerable groups as well as the potential of creating sustainable benefits for local communities.

Over the last few years, Jacqueline has gained expertise surrounding the emergent Business and Human Rights regime in operationalising the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Prior to joining CIG, Jacqueline was an intern at the Danish Institute for Human Rights in their Human Rights and Development department, which actively engages with the private sector with the focus of integrating human rights into business practices. While there, Jacqueline was a key member in the development of the Human Rights Impact Assessment Guidance and Toolbox. Additionally, she provided companies, including those operating in complex environments, with country-specific research on various human rights topics. She has also gained knowledge of the Impact Assessment field particularly environmental and social impact assessments through her academic research on impact assessment methodologies.

Jacqueline holds a Master of Science degree in International Business and Politics with a specialisation in International Political Economy from Copenhagen Business School, and a BA in Political Science from Hofstra University in New York. She is a native English speaker, and fluent in Danish and Spanish.