Dr Kathryn Tomlinson


United Kingdom


Kathryn is an experienced professional based in Brighton, UK, with over fifteen years’ international experience in the field of social and human rights impact management and performance, and stakeholder and community engagement. Much of her experience lies in the extractive sector, though she has also worked on infrastructure, agricultural and health projects, both as an external consultant and an in-house contractor, in Latin America, North America, Africa, Eastern Europe and Australia. Kathryn also has a particular expertise in projects dealing with the intersection between indigenous and customary land rights, and private and public sector development, including impact management and benefit agreements between companies and communities.

Kathryn’s specific project experience has included social and human rights impact assessments and audits; head-office social performance technical support to and assurance over company assets and sites; setting up a social performance function for a new energy project, including developing strategy and plans, managing ESIA consultants, and hiring and managing team members; engaging with indigenous representatives, communities, civil society and government on project related matters; developing, advancing and monitoring benefit agreements between companies and Indigenous Peoples; and developing social performance, indigenous relations (including FPIC) and human rights company policy and management processes. Kathryn is particularly interested in helping companies in their internal management of social and human rights risks and impacts, including building senior management capacity and understanding in this area, and helping leaders to develop strategy and realistic implementation actions in order to drive responsible and sustainable business conduct.

Kathryn holds a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Sussex (on the topic of indigenous land rights in Venezuela), an MSc in International Politics from the University of Wales Aberystwyth, and an MA in Archaeology and Anthropology from the University of Cambridge. She is a native English speaker, and also highly proficient in French and Spanish.