Paige Kelly

South Africa

Paige helps CIG clients with stakeholder engagement, data management and GIS analysis.  

While studying to become an Environmental Manager and Scientist, Paige found a deep passion for the fundamental link between environmental and social sciences. She has been increasingly applying her skills and expertise to the management of social aspects of industrial projects.

Paige has been involved in local and regional projects in Southern Africa, taking part in Socioeconomic Impact Assessments, Stakeholder Engagement, Public Participation, Livelihood Restoration Plans and Resettlement Plans. Mainly consulting for mining companies, she also has experience working for the telecommunications and agricultural sector clients.

In recent years, she worked on the management of large data sets of household-level socioeconomic data for a resettlement plan in Tete, Mozambique, and the development of a Resettlement Plan with an IFC-funded Livelihood Restoration project in Belfast, South Africa. She was responsible for the methodology and implementation of a national Public Participation process in Namibia for a telecommunication Environmental Impact Assessment. Additionally, Paige worked on various environmental assessment projects in infrastructure and agriculture,  primarily liaising with government officials at various levels.

Paige is currently completing an Honours Degree in Environmental Management at the University of South Africa (UNISA). She holds a Postgraduate Certificate of Education in Senior and FET Phase. Paige is a volunteer at Kloof Conservancy assisting the Molweni Rivers Health Schools Program and has a passion for the outdoors. Based in Durban, South Africa she is a native English speaker and speaks some Afrikaans.