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Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and Project Responsibilities

Who are Indigenous Peoples, what are their rights, and what are the responsibilities of projects when their traditional lands, waters, or ways of life are impacted?

Projects have profound and lasting effects on the lives of Indigenous Peoples, and efforts to protect and enhance their land and culture are intricately connected to an understanding of their origins and identities. This introductory course aims to raise awareness of Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, providing a foundation for discussions on territorial rights, the right to self-determination, and the Indigenous right to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Learn More

Social Impact Assessment and Management

This foundational to intermediate level course offers a contemporary overview of best practices in social impact assessment (SIA) and project management, including corporate social performance. In this course, SIA transcends its limited role as a mere ex-ante predictor of social impacts; instead, it is framed as a dynamic process for actively managing social issues and serving as a mechanism to guarantee both social and economic development.

Explore the comprehensive landscape of SIA, project management, and corporate social performance, gaining insights and skills that extend beyond predictive assessments to proactive and holistic approaches. Learn More

Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Social Sustainability

This course is delivered as a summer/winter school in partnership with the University of Groningen and resettlement experts Intersocial Consulting and Frederic Giovanetti. It aims to foster understanding and skill development in effectively managing the social challenges arising from large-scale land acquisition and resettlement activities associated with major development projects: mines, hydropower, highways, industrial parks, electricity transmission corridors, agricultural developments, and more.

Participants will gain valuable insights and practical tools to navigate the complex social issues inherent in these transformative projects – where bridging the gap between international standards and on-the-ground realities becomes a critical aspect of responsible project management. Learn More

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