Training Courses

Indigenous Peoples’Rights and Projects

Social investment should add value for both communities and the investor. This training course is designed to give participants an understanding of strategic community investment and how it relates to social responsibility. The focus is on practical application of tools to establish and manage partnerships and measure the impact of community investment initiatives that, for example, build local capacity for alternative livelihoods or local content; and community resilience to cope with the social change brought about by large projects. View

Social Impact Assessment and Management

This basic or intermediate course provides a current overview of leading practice related to social impact assessment and management of projects, and corporate social performance. In our course, SIA is regarded as being more than just the ex-ante prediction of social impacts, it should be the process of managing the social issues, and a mechanism to ensure social and economic development. View

Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Social Sustainability

This course is delivered as a summer/winter school in partnership with the University of Groningen and resettlement experts Intersocial Consulting and Frederic Giovanetti. It promotes understanding about and develops skills in managing the social issues caused by the large-scale land acquisition and resettlement activities associated with major development projects (e.g. mines, hydropower, highways, industry parks, electricity transmission corridors, agricultural developments, etc). View

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