Welcome to SPGrow360, CIG’s innovative tool designed to empower social performance practitioners.

This dynamic tool combines assessments, coaching, and targeted competency development, empowering social performance professionals to enhance their skills, navigate challenges, and elevate social performance both within and beyond their organisations – creating positive impacts at every level.

Here’s how SPGrow360 achieves this

1. Assessment Tool

SPGrow360 provides a comprehensive assessment tool, measuring the development of specific competencies crucial for social performance professionals, categorized into three broader themes and thirteen specific competencies.

2. 360-Degree Assessments

Utilising a 360-degree assessment, SPGrow360 collects feedback from diverse perspectives, including peers, supervisors, and others, offering a holistic view of a social performance professional’s level of development.

3. Executive Coaching

Integrated into the approach, SPGrow360 offers executive coaching through one-on-one sessions utilising a systems psychodynamic approach. This is particularly beneficial for social performance leaders facing challenges related to competencies, role expectations, and organisational dynamics.

4. Developmental Support

SPGrow360 aims to support the growth and development of social performance professionals. Through the assessment tool and coaching, it enhances their skills, helps them understand and navigate challenges, ultimately improving their impact on corporate social performance.

5. Promoting Understanding

Beyond individual development, SPGrow360 seeks to foster greater awareness within organisations. This involves creating understanding and buy-in among line managers, senior leadership, and board members about the competencies necessary for effective social performance.

SPGrow is more than a tool; it is a catalyst for transforming social performance practises and contributing to a brighter future.

To find out more, contact Dr. Sergio Moreira on smoreira@communityinsights.eu.

(SPGrow360 was developed by Community Insights Group. See the peer-reviewed journal article explaining how it was developed here.)