International Standards Advisory

Ensuring adherence to international social and human rights standards is crucial for businesses committed to responsible and sustainable practices. At CIG, we play a pivotal role in guiding organisations through this complex landscape. By providing comprehensive support, we empower our clients to not only meet but exceed social standards, fostering a culture of responsible business and ethical operations that resonates with our commitment to positive global impact.

We empower our clients to proactively prepare for third-party reviews, such as those aligned with IFC and Equator Principles, as well as voluntary industry standards like IRMA’s standard for Responsible Mining and Aluminium Stewardship Initiative.

Our approach goes beyond compliance, focusing on building the capacity of our clients to implement effective action plans derived from third-party compliance reviews. Our advisory services include a detailed examination of company policies and procedures to ensure they align with recognised standards. We offer targeted advice on addressing specific gaps in management plans, covering aspects such as land acquisition, resettlement, livelihoods, Indigenous Peoples and FPIC, community health and safety, and working conditions.

To ensure the seamless integration of these standards into our clients’ operations, we provide support in setting up client teams for standards implementation. This encompasses defining roles, facilitating the recruitment process, conducting skills assessments, and providing necessary training and mentoring.

By aligning with universal social and human rights standards, our clients, guided by CIG, are equipped to wholeheartedly contribute to a global framework that champions fairness, equality, and sustainable development.