Human Rights Advisory

At the heart of CIG’s mission lies a deep commitment to human rights, recognising them as the cornerstone of a thriving global community.

Having long ago embarked on a journey towards a socially responsible and ethical business landscape, we are at the forefront of empowering organisations to navigate the complexities of human rights within their operations.

Our dedicated Human Rights Advisory services are meticulously designed to build our clients’ capacity in comprehending, managing and enhancing their human rights practices throughout their business and supply chains.

At CIG, we guide our clients through a comprehensive set of capabilities, aimed at fortifying their commitment to upholding human rights standards. From a meticulous assessment of corporate policies against internationally recognised frameworks like the UN Guiding Principles on Human Rights, to conducting thorough human rights risks and impact assessments at various levels, we ensure a robust understanding of potential challenges.

Our commitment extends beyond assessment to integration, as we work closely with clients to establish corporate governance structures that facilitate ongoing human rights due diligence. We go a step further by embedding human rights considerations into core business functions, management systems, and even Environmental and Social Impact Assessments. Through the development of tools, guidance, and operational-level Grievance Mechanisms, we empower our clients to proactively monitor, report, and respond to human rights issues.

CIG takes pride in providing tailored training and capacity-building initiatives, recognising the significance of equipping organisations with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of human rights. Our advisory services extend to addressing specific human rights issues including but not limited to Indigenous Peoples’ rights (including FPIC), gender-based violence, conflict, and inadequate working conditions.

Join us in our commitment to creating a world where businesses not only understand their impact on human rights but actively contribute to the betterment of society. At CIG, we believe that by embracing human rights as a fundamental principle, organisations can become catalysts for positive change, fostering a more inclusive and just global community.