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SIA E-Learning Program, Fall 2024

Exciting news for our September 2024 course edition! Introducing our revamped and updated SIA Tool. The Social Impact Significance Assessment and Management Planning Tool integrates the significance assessment methodology developed by CIG and the Danish Institute for Human Rights. It enables the determination of a project’s adverse social consequences based on gravity, extent, vulnerability, and… View Article View Article

Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and Project Responsibilities

Who are Indigenous Peoples, what are their rights, and what are the responsibilities of projects when their traditional lands, waters, or ways of life are impacted? Projects have profound and lasting effects on the lives of Indigenous Peoples, and efforts to protect and enhance their land and culture are intricately connected to an understanding of… View Article View Article

Inspiration for our website

Tori Stowe is the artist we engaged to produce this breath-taking and thought-provoking image. She has represented a global socio-ecological system under pressure, which depicts the domain in which CIG works. Tori works from her studio gallery in the little rural village of Bathurst on the Eastern Cape of South Africa.  You can see more… View Article View Article

New Handbook on Human Rights Impact Assessment

Gabriela Factor and Jacqueline Tedaldi of CIG are contributors to the new Handbook on Human Rights Impact Assessment. The Handbook is an edited collection featuring 27 chapters on methods and approaches, rights-holders in focus, industry case studies, and current challenges and future possibilities. Employing state-of-the-art analysis of current practice, the 35 global contributors offer a… View Article View Article