We are an international social impact management consultancy.

We help our clients understand their social landscape, take their impacts to communities as seriously as the risks to their business, and keep pushing the boundaries of their performance.

So that everyone moves forward.


Social Impact Assessment & Management

We support clients from project concept to post-closure in identifying the social issues and designing ways to mitigate the harm and enhance the benefits to affected communities.

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Human Rights

We help clients identify potential risks, develop a human rights strategy and integrate human rights into their existing management systems.

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Social & Environmental Due Diligence

We assess the conformance of projects with lender guidelines, international standards and national regulation; and develop strategies and action plans to help our clients close performance gaps.

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Corporate social investment

We help companies design and implement social investment projects that strengthen community resilience, ensure benefit-sharing and increase local capacity.

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Local content

We provide practical advice on how projects can work towards increasing local procurement and employment throughout the project life cycle.

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CIG is the home of the SIA Hub, a web-based portal for over 2000 social impact assessment practitioner members.

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Short Courses


Who we are

Our Team

Dr Ana Maria Esteves
Dr Ana Maria EstevesDIRECTOR
Ana Maria is the founder of Community Insights Group. Working out how communities can be better off as as a result of having large projects nearby is what drives her.
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Victoria Collins
Victoria is an international development professional with 25 years of experience in consulting. She is responsible for implementing CIG’s operational management and development strategy.
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Dr.Kathryn Tomlinson
Kathryn is an experienced professional in the field of social and human rights impact management and performance, and stakeholder and community engagement.
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Gabriela Factor
Gabriela is an environmental engineer and social practitioner. The focus of her work is innovative approaches to integrating environment, gender, community health and human rights aspects in impact management.
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Vera Ogorodnikova
An experienced project manager and consultant, Vera specializes in local content, community investment and social due diligence.
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Jacqueline Tedaldi
Jacqueline TedaldiCONSULTANT
Jacqueline supports companies in meeting their responsibilities to respect the rights of workers and host communities, and embedding human rights into their core business functions.
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Alexandra Maurtua Konstantinidi
Alexandra Maurtua KonstantinidiCONSULTANT
Alexandra is resettlement practitioner with 12 years of experience in socioeconomic development in South America and Southern Africa.
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Suelen Haidar
Suelen is responsible for CIG’s administrative and financial functions and coordination of training courses.
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Paige Kelly
Paige helps CIG clients with stakeholder engagement, data management and GIS analysis.
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Prof Frank Vanclay
Prof Frank VanclayASSOCIATE
Frank is professor and Head of the Department of Cultural Geography in the Faculty of Spatial Sciences at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands.
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Where we work