We are excited  to welcome  Dr Kathryn Tomlinson who joined the CIG family in October. She is based in  Brighton, United Kingdom.

Kathryn is a social anthropologist, with a Phd from the University of Sussex. Her Phd research focused on indigenous land rights in Venezuela, specifically in the context of a conflict over the building of an electricity power line through indigenous territories. After leaving academia over 13 years ago, Kathryn has continued to work on the intersection between indigenous rights, human rights and business, as well as broader social performance issues. Her work, both as a consultant and an in-house contractor, has spanned projects in the mining, oil and gas industries, infrastructure, agriculture and health. She has worked extensively in Africa and Latin America, as well as in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Australia. A native English speaker, Kathryn is also fluent in French and Spanish.

Of British Venezuelan heritage, Kathryn grew up in France, Nigeria, Ecuador and the UK, and lived in various places as an adult before settling in Brighton with her husband and son. In Brighton she has found a home that satisfies her love for the outdoors with walks on the downs and running and cycling by the sea, as well as a community of eclectic friends, and a long-standing animated book group.