Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Social Sustainability

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This course is delivered as a summer/winter school in partnership with the University of Groningen and resettlement experts Intersocial Consulting and Frederic Giovanetti. It promotes understanding about and develops skills in managing the social issues caused by the large-scale land acquisition and resettlement activities associated with major development projects (e.g. mines, hydropower, highways, industry parks, electricity transmission corridors, agricultural developments, etc).

Research into the displacement of peoples following large projects generally shows that they are made worse-off. There are also concerns about human rights infringements. With the increasing number of international standards (e.g. World Bank Safeguard Policies, IFC Performance Standards, Equator Principles, and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights), there are established international standard that are expected to be met. However, these standards do not necessarily specify how social performance practice should be done. The varying cultural and developmental contexts of different countries also presents difficulties in fully observing these standards.

This training course provides capacity building in the practice of managing the social issues of land acquisition and resettlement. It is targeted to current and prospective social performance and resettlement practitioners, people involved in the governance of large projects, and is open to advanced students interested in the management of social issues associated with development.

The course is offered on a regular biannual basis as a two-week summer and winter school at the University Groningen, the Netherlands.  The course includes a study tour to lignite coal mining operations in Germany to demonstrate good industry practice of resettlement.

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